Solar Water Heating

Why should you install a solar water heating system?

  1. Eliminate 80-95% of your water heating bill and doubles the amount of hot water available.
  2. Savings are like non-taxable income, and increase as energy prices rise.
  3. Your home's equity increases for 25+ years and your investment pays for itself in 3-5 years.
  4. No carbon dioxide emissions, and a 20-30% per year tax free return on your investment.

Everyday Savings


Whether an owner of a new or existing home, you will reduce water heating costs 85-95% when you install a solar water heater.  In a new home you profit from the day you move in, if you roll the system cost into your home mortgage, since the monthly utility savings are greater than the mortgage payment increase.

You can have a simple payback of 3-5 years on a freeze proof, 180 mph wind, hurricane proof, golf ball proof, automatic, and properly installed solar water heater Made in America. It doubles your hot water, and an increases your home’s resale price. You accrue the savings, tax free, over the life of the system, (30 year life expectancy, 10 year warranty) and the water you heat with the sun is not affected by utility rate increases. Some of these systems have been running more than 30 years.


The solar panel above the ladder is for hot water. The solar panels to the left, are for electricity. Zero Energy.

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Above: Solar water heating for a 50 room hotel. 30% tax credit until 2016.

But that's not the only benefit.

Through 2016, installing a solar water heater can provide you with an even greater financial return - in the form of an energy tax credit. It doesn’t matter whether the system is installed in a new or existing home either. The credit, 30% of the installed system cost, can be deducted directly from the taxes you owe. You claim the credit when you file your tax return for the year the system is installed orver the next 5 years.

How It Works.

As sunlight strikes the collector, water inside heats up. If you use an “active” system, sunlight heats the roof collector which activates a pump and controller. A pump moves cool water from the bottom of the water tank to the collector for sunwarming. The heated water circulates from the collector back to the tank. When the water in the tank is warmer than the collector water, the controller switches off the pump.

The Environment also benefits.

Replacing electric or gas water heating systems with a solar system also has a positive impact on the environment. Since solar doesn’t require the mining, transporting or burning of fossil fuels, you reduce the emission of harmful pollutants into our air and water. The Florida Legislature was so convinced that it was good for Florida, they created a permanent sales tax exemption for solar, and a Solar Rights Law. As a result Florida has many more solar jobs than Alabama. Many Floridians, who have installed solar, have more money in their pockets every month, from lower utility bills, than Alabamians.
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Solar hot water panel, on the upper right side of roof, for a family of 4, in Dothan Alabama 2007.


Solar hot water panel, on the garage roof, on a very efficient SIPS home, for a family of 4, in Tuscaloosa

solar hot water tubes copy-1024x768
Solar hot water system for the home, using evacuated tubes.
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