Solar Electric Photovoltaic

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This solar electric system, in Dothan AL, provides power for this home and instant emergency power for the lights, computer. refrigerators, TV ..... for years. The solar water heater provides hot water. By contrast there may be no electricity to pump gas or deisel for generators, during a power outage or emergency after a hurricane.

We made this home energy efficient, by spraying foam under the roof, bringing in the correct amount of fresh air, installing an 80 gallon solar hot water system that makes hot water even if the grid fails, and installing a solar electric system with lithium batteries. The solar electric system has 9kw of panels, two 8,000 watt inverters, 11,500 watthours of daily available Lithium battery storage for 20 years, a propane generator for rainy days of off grid backup. The solar system powers the house, two heat pumps, wood shop with tools and a central dehumidifier during the day and at night. When the grid is working it is used for backup. This kind of system could help the military and essential services during long power failures.


This is a picture of the monitoring of a solar house at 9:45PM. No utility power is being used. The home has made all of it's electricity, from the sun and stored it in the batteries, for several days and nights. If there is not enough sun then it uses the utility or generator until the sun shines the next day.

Solar house 3
Solar house 3 days

Three days and nights of the house running on solar energy from the batteries and solar panels. See above.



Renewable Solar electric produces no noise and is usually more cost-effective in remote areas, than running utility power lines to your location.  Solar electricity can pump a well for your house, for your animals, irrigation for farm crops or keep a small pond from drying up due to evaporation.

Solar well pump, 1+acres, watermellons and goats

Solar well pump, 1+acres, watermellons and goats

We can design solar power for lighting for entrance signs, barns, parking, porches, boat docks, security systems etc.

We will work with you to design a safe, reliable solar installation that meets your needs. We think limited supplies of oil and gas are best saved for making medicine, and plastics, steel, glass, manufacturing and nitrogen fertilizer for farming.  Put your SUN to work and give your children a brighter future.

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Solar electric+batteries, well and house

Solar electric+batteries, for a well and house. They went for an evening walk and had not realized their neighborhood was blacked out. Their lights and TV did not flicker.

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Dothan water tower
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