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Solar electricity, done correctly. Eufaula AL, Carol

After my initial deposit, Craig and his crew obtained the solar (photovoltaic) panels, grid-tie inverter, solar panel mounting parts (this was a ground mounted – not a roof mounted — system), as well as all other material needed for this installation. Craig asked pertinent questions, visited my home and took the necessary site readings with his extensive technical equipment (this is important, as the installer must determine how much average solar light one receives throughout the year — taking shadows from trees into account during the different seasons, among other things — and if the panels can be placed in the customer’s preferred area and still give the desired, year-round performance). He also needed to find out if the underground area where the wiring would be placed had any other wiring, water pipes, telephone lines etc. etc. He was very thorough, friendly, flexible, and just plain fun to be with, as well as good at what he does. One reason I chose Craig was that he was able to secure all the necessary subcontractors (the electrician, assistants etc. etc.) needed for the installation, freeing me from these burdens. In addition, he also handled much of the initial contact with Alabama Power Company, a very necessary task for all grid-tie systems. Craig and his subcontractors also secured the necessary equipment (backhoe, for example, for digging the trench lines) for all the work needed.

Dealing with Craig and his contractors — a joy to deal with from beginning to end. There is often some “hitch” (or worse) even among the best of the bunch! There were none here with either Craig or his crew. It all went very smoothly. The only problem that I had was in some of my dealings with Alabama Power afterward. They had a problem getting their power-meter to work correctly, and had to make several visits before it finally performed correctly! However, they later gave complete credit (money) for the 1-2 months that this took place.

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